Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yii Framework makeover and release schedule updates

I recently noticed that the Yii Framework website,, got a new logo and design.  I think the changes look really nice and I hope it will help attract more potential developers to the framework.  I remember being impressed by the Cake PHP website when I was choosing my first PHP framework years ago, and I hope the new Yii design has a similar draw to interested developers.  Graphical design and marketing are not my forte, but as a consumer I know I've been quick to rule out products with poor design as it can be an indicator that the guts of the product were also poorly designed.  In the OSS world this probably isn't a very accurate indicator of the quality of the software, but subliminally I still find myself attracted to shiny things.

I also noticed some recent changes to the release and support schedule on the download page, found here.  I'm pretty sure the 1.1 release was previously only guaranteed support through December 2011 (not certain about that though) so it appears they've given it another year.  That's welcome news to those of us who are developing large projects with Yii.

A new note on the download page gives us some more information about the 2.0 release:
  • It will require PHP 5.3
  • Incompatible with previous releases
  • Earliest alpha may be coming out near the end of 2011
I guess it was inevitable that the PHP version requirement is increasing, but I know from personal experience that there are organizations out there who are unable to upgrade to the newer versions of PHP for a variety of reasons.  Hopefully there will be a considerable overlap between a stable 2.0 release and end of support for 1.1, given the backwards-incompatibility of the newer version.

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